Hi I’m Courtney ! - Director of Black Palm Collective/Photographer

I’m first & foremost a Mama to 3 gorgeous babes & wifey to my high school sweetheart. Second, I am an overly passionate, loud & linen enthusiast photographer. When I think of photography, I think of life. I think of family & I think of true connection. I believe photography is the best form of time travel, the closest we get to truly experiencing magic. I could quite literally talk to a brick wall, but getting to know you, creating life memories beside you is what I thrive at. Give me a good location, possibly some food & music & we can get lost for hours. Most my down time is spent with my family & my backyard BBQ crew over good food & music.


Hey ! I’m Sam - Main Videographer

Ever since I could remember I've loved film and how it made me feel, it inspires me everyday to be more creative and passionate in everything I do! Before all the camera stuff, I played professional Rugby League and Rugby 7's. I tie a lot of my creativity to what I did on the field now to what I do on camera. Since embarking on this journey of becoming a filmmaker I've traveled all over the world for weddings, charities and other various organisations. When I don't have a camera in hand you'll probably find me out in the country parked up next to the fire, hanging with my dog or at the local cinema.


Hi, I'm Joe! - Photographer

I'm a photographer based on the Gold Coast, Australia. I grew up in Sydney and spent much of my childhood exploring the great outdoors with my family, which is why nature has such an influence on my photography today. I'm passionate about adventure, travel and capturing moments shared with the people we do this journey of life with. From weddings, events and family shoots, to adventures and everything in between, I'm there to capture every beautiful moment, because it's the memories that count!